The pandemic has been a time of snacks, stress, and a newfound love for baking #bananabread.It’s no surprise that most of us have gained a couple of pounds. And, while we’re in a weird period of stretchy clothes, and pant fewer meetings,  life will eventually go back to normal, and our clothes won’t fit. The Blue in Green team is not immune to the Quarantine 15 – so we’ve compiled some of our tried and tested weight loss tips for you to try at home.Make a quarantine meal schedule of the times you should be ideally eating in a day. Leave some room for flexibility to make sure you follow-through. You can always revisit your plan and make amends. But remember to stay determined.Keep Yourself Busy to Prevent Eating Out of Boredom. Boredom can trick your friend into thinking you’re hungry. Keeping yourself busy is essential, so you derive joy from nonfood activities. Take on a new hobby or adopt a dog (long social distant walks are the way to go).Don’t judge harshly: understand the link between stress and hunger. Emotional eating during this unexpected time is nothing to be ashamed of. Stress causes levels of the hormone cortisol to rise. And eating sugar thwarts the release of cortisol in the brain, so it makes you feel calmer. Ultimately, that creates a cycle where you crave sugar when stressed. No one is asking you to quit sugar; I sure didn’t. But try healthy options like dark chocolate, single portion puddings, or mini cookies to keep portions controlled.Add some lipo to your life. ILipo Cellulite is an FDA, non-invasive and pain-free technology that allows you to get rid of 2-12 cm of fat around your waist, hips, thighs, and arms through your lymphatic system. It will work on your cellulite as well if there is any. Now, I’m not going to lie saying that you will lose lots of weight while eating chocolate cakes every night. It doesn’t do miracles but it definitely reinforces your efforts aimed at losing those inches and pounds during the quarantine spent at home. Not convinced? Give it a try!! We’re giving a test trial of our iLipo treatment in solidarity to those who’ve gained the unfortunate #Quarantine15.  #medicalspa #fatreduction #iLipo #cellulite #BlueinGreen #loseweightfast #covid-19beauty #Quarantine15

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