Summer vacations are rough on our faces.  We have so many things to look out for beyond the heat – we have sweat induced acne which has only gotten worse thanks to our new COVID-19 accessory (aka. masks). We also have to worry about chlorine from the pool that dries our face, and completely destroys our normal ph balance.The question now is not whether your face needs love or not (because it does need love). The question now is, what do I do when my face needs love, but facials are not an option?Well, our solution is tele-facials, a made-up word, and a fabulous new experience we’ve designed for our clients. Our licensed estheticians and registered nurses will give you a complete consultation by phone or a video supported conversation through an app of your choice. We have it all! Zoom, What’s App, Viber, Facetime, Skype – oh my god I must be old if I still know what that is. We will then created a personalized skin routine using medical-grade products that are ready to work as hard as your skin is this summer.Of course, it can’t fully substitute a real facial, but we will guide you through the daily skincare, recommend the right choice of beauty products and we will complete your order too. Pick-ups will be available at our front desk.Call in today and get more info! Be safe and keep your skin healthy! #BlueinGreen #skincare #telefacial #beautyproducts #covid19skincare #healthyskin