The holiday season can bring about stress, emotional eating, and overindulgence. Between managing relatives, and trying to juggle all the “necessary” tasks to make for a good holiday we can lose sight of what’s important: mental and physical health. Here are six tips for Holiday sanity.

  1. Keep exercise essential – working out reduces stress, improves mood and concentration, and combats depression. Regular exercise builds up serotonin and dopamine (important mood regulators). If you don’t have time to maintain your regular exercise schedule don’t skip workouts altogether instead scale back.
  2. Search for gratitude – focusing on the little things that make you happy has the same effect of creating dopamine.
  3. Sleep – chronic sleeplessness and poor sleep lead to weight gain, additional stress, and irritability. Skip naps, cut on caffeine, and lay off drinking at night to ensure you get more quality sleep when it counts.
  4. Accept the holiday blues – the holiday season is a special time of mixed feelings. You’ll get hit with major emotions for people you’ve lost, new relationships, and high expectations. Rather than eating through those feelings, accept them as a natural holiday experience.
  5. Give yourself a present – take a few minutes for yourself – we’re especially fond of our new mini facials (15-minutes of calm and face rejuvenation).
  6. Don’t sweat the weight gain – Holidays make for great food and quality family time. Don’t sweat an extra pound or two.

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