When are we opening already?!
Alright, first things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Margarita and I am a nurse currently working – hm, wait a second, - currently not working in the area of aesthetic medicine. Or should I just be simple and call it a medical spa instead? That sounds way more familiar. But most importantly, I am a consumer of the services it has to offer. There is absolutely no need to say how everybody has suffered from the pandemic caused by COVID-19.  Every aspect of our life has changed...we've lost our jobs, our ability to hang out with friends, eat out, and essentially be normal.Physically, our hair is longer, our skin is probably unhappy from all the unhealthy eating, and our weight...don't even get me started about our weight.  I guess we should be grateful for the little things, like grocery shopping, our daily walk around the block, going braless, and not having to wear jeans (because let's be honest they wouldn't fit anyway).Call me crazy, but at this point, I just can't wait for my hair to be taken care of, and not just on my head, lol.So, when on earth are we going to open already?Well, we don’t decide, do we…? Given the facts, we think we might slowly get back to work in two weeks or so. Only once the governor okays it. It won’t be too much fun but we will take care of your needs, safely! Isn’t that what you want after all?Like everything else, your MedSpa experience @blueingreencenter will be different. As we reopen we willScreen you over the phone I hope you understand that we are not joking around, we need you, to be honest. Maybe you were sick and recovered? It is great news, but how many days ago did you have your first symptoms? We will do the math.Engage in social distancing I do not want to sound too inviting, but there will be probably less chance for you to get sick during your appointment than going to a grocery store. You will only see one more person in the lobby (at most) and you both will be asked to sit at least 6 feet apart.Check-in screening Before entering our office, we will go through a thorough check-in screening. We'll do a temperature check before you enter our office, and everything you and I touch will be cleaned. I will probably smell like Clorox by the end of my shift lol.The bad news – we will not be treating your facial area, no exceptions! It is just not quite possible yet: you’ll be wearing a mask and I don’t want to get too close!  Obviously, I am not going to bore you all describing every step of the way. The point is, we are ready, and I can hear you shout out “me too”!Follow us on Facebook and check our website for more details, coming soon hopefully! Cheers and be safe! See you soon!