Skincare in general is a very complex, multi-step process that not only includes using a lotion every day but also implies eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising, minimizing or at least keeping stress under control, visiting a skincare specialist to have professional treatments done. We age. It is inevitable. Being the largest organ of the body, our skin ages with us. Most of us go to a doctor every now and then, correct? Unless you have obvious dermatologic conditions, like psoriasis or eczema, you don’t have your skin checked on a regular basis, right? And that’s wrong! While this post is mostly about the necessity to devote proper time to your skin in general, I wanted to take a minute and mention the absolute must of this hot season, well, pretty much any season, – the sunblock. I cannot emphasize it more! If you use prescription medications for your skin, whether targeting acne or fine lines or both, that contain tretinoin (Retin-A), it is even more important! There are so many different skin products nowadays. Have you tried them all and none of them are working? Then you definitely need a holistic approach to skincare. I can’t offer you one miracle product – although I can certainly make recommendations on effective home skincare – I can discuss with you ways to improve skin health in particular and health in general and make my recommendations accordingly.At Blue in Green, we strive to provide a holistic approach every time we see a patient, no matter what the primary reason for the visit is. #BlueinGreen #holisticskincase #skincarerockville