Body Contouring

Laser body contouring is an intelligent alternative to liposuction and has many advantages over traditional surgical liposuction and other systems on the market—including no pain, no needles, and no downtime.

Our FDA-approved laser body-contouring system is ILipo, a safe low-level diode system that targets the adipose (fat) cells in the treatment area. Treatment is simple, straightforward, and painless.

Our staff members position laser pads on the target areas for total of 20 minutes. With the help of two single-diode lymphatic stimulation probes, unnecessary fat is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol. These are then removed by the lymphatic system and excreted by the body.

Because the procedure generates immediate results, laser body contouring is very popular with women looking to get back in shape after pregnancy, and for anyone who wants to stimulate weight loss and find their ideal body shape in a short period of time.

Manufacture recommends minimum 8 treatments for the best results. To enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, we ask our patience to keep up with right diet and exercise routine.