Hair Removal

Before beginning treatment, our staff members carefully choose a pulse width based on the patient’s skin

color and character of hair:

Hair are covering most parts of our body. Depending on age, lifestyle, hormones, ethnicity and medication

hair may grow lots or less. It may be thick or thin, and depending on the treatment area may be a little more

stubborn than other parts.

Hair follicles have different stages of growth, and most lasers target the hair while in active stage of growth.

Our state of the art equipments are one of the leading companies in the industry that deliver the best results.

The secret behind the science is that they combined 2 different wavelengths Alexander and Nd YAg.

Alexander is used for people who have light skin such I,II, and III on Fitzpatrick scale. It uses laser wavelength

755nm. For skin types IV-VI on Fitzpatrick scale we use Yag 1064 NM wavelength. It suites best for darker skin. 

Now our machine has ability not only use proper wavelength, but also combine those if necessary.

Your safety and satisfaction is our priority, thus we will make sure to choose proper treatment and parameters 

that suites your specific needs.